About Us

Cocalily is a small business with big dreams! We are a family business and a women owned business. Our business is ever evolving as we navigate the life of a small business and figure out exactly where we want to be. 

We want to bring "a little something" to our customers each day. That little something extra that makes you smile and feel good about heading into your day. Have fun and feel good getting ready with a cute sweatshirt, beautiful jewelry, the perfect bag, and fun accessories. We want to the be the store you turn to when you want to find something unique for yourself or a gift. 

We hand pick every item and use our products to ensure quality for our customers. We want you to feel good when you check out with affordable items and if you ever need it we will provide great customer service.

Cocalily has been in business for several years now and as the newest owners we want to give our customers a new and exciting shopping experience. We are excited to be on this journey with you and will continue to share our growth with our customers and community. We appreciate our customers and the support they give us with each purchase.

Thanks for shopping with us!


* Dream * Plan * Hustle *